Bishop’s Peak

Bishop's Peak

Too often, we race to and from our destinations as though the world would stop if we paused a moment.  I’m of the opinion there’s nothing wrong with taking an occasional extra day for R&R, especially when traveling.  I’m not talking about cheating on our expense accounts, of course.  We have to pay all personal expenses ourselves; but sometimes a personal day can piggy-back nicely onto a business trip or speaking engagement.

This week, for example, I have the privilege of speaking at a retreat in Pismo Beach; so I came out a day early to hike up Bishop’s Peak.  My only regret is that the camera on my cell phone wasn’t working and the batteries were out on my other camera; because the views and vistas were breathtaking, along with the rock formations, the boulders, and the golden California terrain.

The trail at the bottom of the mountain wound through eucalyptus groves, then across grassy balds to a goat’s path that threaded through rocky passes and precipices.  In some places, I had to climb over rocks and boulders to follow the path.  When I finally reached the summit, colossal rocks were stacked on each other as though giants had been playing with oversized pebbles.  It was like a jumbled Stonehenge, all perched on the ridge of a towering peak and with views that disappeared into the distant Pacific.

But I digress.  As I was saying, there’s nothing wrong with taking an occasional extra day for R&R.  Try it sometime soon.