Coming in October: 12 Stories of Christmas

2014-08-05 08.09.23

A couple of days ago I received an early Christmas present — an advance copy of 12 Stories of Christmas, my newest book, set for release in October. For the past twelve years, I’ve been writing a short story for the Christmas Eve services at The Donelson Fellowship. All twelve of these (including my story for this coming season, “The Telegraph Girl of Telegraph Hill”) are assembled in a volume published by Jack Countryman’s team at Thomas Nelson. In these pages you’ll meet a dog that steals baby Jesus from an exclusive gallery in Europe, a precocious girl who searches for her brother among the survivors of Pearl Harbor on Christmas Day, a boy and his granddad trapped in a blizzard, a Swiss restaurant where everything goes wrong on Christmas, and an angel named Gabriel who learned he was going to be a dad. You’ll  also discover the true story of a TDF member whose family received a remarkable Christmas present during the Great Depression. Watch our website at for more information. This book will be availble in both hardcover and audio.