Greetings from Istanbul

Here’s wishing you a cup of Turkish Coffee. Joshua Rowe and I had a safe and uneventful flight to Istanbul, arriving this morning about 10:15. The cab driver dropped us off about a half-mile short of our hotel, but we managed to find it without too much problem. After a brief rest, we went exploring. Over the next few days I’d like to blog about the significance of Istanbul to church history; but for now here are some pictures from our afternoon of exploration.

In front of Hagai Sophia
Street Corn
In the Grand Bazaar
On the Bosphorus
The Hippodrome
Minarets Over the Crowds

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  1. Pastor Rob, I’m so glad you got to go to Turkey! It is the next place on our list. If you ever lead a church history study tour or a pilgrimage there, please let us know! We’ll be the first to sign up!

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