London: You Ur Here

  The British Museum is a treasure trove of biblical archaeology. During the years of the British Empire, archaeologists “plundered” the Middle East and deposited their greatest finds in this vast museum, which has been called the “greatest chronicle of civilization anywhere.” There are exhibits here that give stunning evidence of the accuracy of the biblical records. One of the most fascinating sections of the museum is devoted to the excavations of ancient Ur, the hometown of Abraham and Sarah. Though the exhibits in the British Museum actually predate Abraham, they show us the world Abraham left behind when he obeyed God’s command to leave his own country for the land God would show him. Ur was an advanced city in Abraham’s day, with a remarkable level of governmental, economic, educational, and cultural development. Below are some objects from the city of Ur that bring to life the story of Genesis 11 and 12. The pictures are of:

  • Jewelry and headgear such as Sarah might have worn (she was very beautiful according to Genesis 12:11), and Abraham was very wealthy in silver and gold (Genesis 13:2).
  • Clay seals owned by important people (this illustrates perfectly Genesis 38:18 and 25).
  • Jars
  • Clay tablets, showing that writing and recordkeeping were commonplace.
  • A board game common in Abraham’s day.
  • A decorated Ostrich shell.
  • An ornate base for a table or some other items of furniture, with a goat in a ticket (similar to the story of Genesis 22:13)
  • Golden vessels from Ur.
  • A musical instrument.