Silent Night


If you’re looking for something to relax your mind and encourage your heart during the holidays, check out my book, “Come, Let Us Adore Him. It features the stores behind our greatest Christmas Carols. Included in this book is the picturesque story of one the greatest of our Christmas hymns — “Silent Night.” It was first performed in a little chapel in Oberndorf, Austria, in the shadow of the snow-clad Alps. The year was 1818.

I’ve found a great website devoted to “Silent Night” and it even features a live webcam from the Oberndorf Church. You can listen to a webcast of services from this tiny Austrian chapel. To check out this great Silent Night Site, check here and select the English link.

2 thoughts on “Silent Night

  1. Hi Robert. I and my wife, Lynne, are missionaries here in Cebu, Philippines for some 20+ years. I want to let you know how blest we are by your collection of Hymn-devotionals, THEN SINGS MY SOUL. We often read the devotional stories and sing the hymns (that we know well) out loud during our devotional time.
    I pray you & your family are blest by God’s grace and Presence continually as you seek to help Christians and others to appreciate the rich heritage we have in these wonderful and inspiring songs and hymns.
    kind regards in Christ,
    Pastor Len Hummel
    Clearlight Christian Ministries
    Cebu City, RP.

    PS/ enjoy reading thru your journal/blog also!

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