A Run On Cherry Kool-Aid

The Los Angeles Times is reporting today that Claremont School of Theology in east LA is now “reaching beyond Christianity” to train Muslims and Jews for ministry in their respective faiths. Claremont, which has been historically aligned with the Methodists, is aiming to become the first multi-faith seminary.

This apparently means that’s if you’re a Christian, they’ll teach you to be a minister. If you’re a Jew, never mind; you can become a rabbi there. What’s more, bring on the Muslims — if you’re Islamic, Claremont will train you to be an imam. Eventually the seminary wants to add programs training Buddhists and Hindus. (There was no mention of how long before they begin training atheists).

This multi-faith philosophy is based on an assumption that all religions are equally true and all faith systems universally valid. That philosophy is patently absurd. But this is the logical course of affairs for those who begin diluting the Gospel until it amounts to little more than cherry Kool-Aid.

I’ve never understood liberal seminaries. Why would someone want to learn to preach a book they didn’t believe was really true? I have no interest in proclaiming a message that’s been watered down to mere humanitarian sentimentality. Why devote one’s life to a message that isn’t exceptional, exclusive, and eternal?

The  message of Jesus Christ — with its indisputable facts, its solid historical foundations, its inspired and infallible Word, its unique Gospel, its one-and-only Savior, and its great commission – is exclusive, exceptional, matchless, indescribable, and eternal.

Truth is not a multiple choice question in which all the answers are right.