A GREAT Resource for Preachers and Teachers

Being a good preacher like being a NFL quarterback, only harder. On any given Sunday, a quarterback has to complete an efficient pass to an alert receiver. But a preacher has to first construct the football; then he has to deliver the thing to receivers who may not be paying attention (maybe because they’re thinking about the Big Game).

I’ve been listening to preaching for 59 years and trying to do it for about 40 years; and on any given Sunday I’m likely to get shaken up on the play. But I do believe with all my heart that God’s Word is sufficient for every human need; and that it is best preached expositionally.

Like all of us, I just need some occasional coaching.

Morris Proctor is the best quarterback coach you’ll find. His game plan is called I-Beam, and it’s a simple procedure for preparing and delivering expository sermons consistently and biblically. Morris knows that preaching isn’t a game at all—it’s a life-and-death spiritual battle that requires earnest prayer and spiritual preparation. It requires rightly dividing the Word. It requires merging the Text with the times, so as to deliver messages that are expositionally sound and personally relevant. That’s the only kind of preaching powerful enough to gain yardage into people’s lives in the 21st century.

I’m glad to recommend Moe to everyone who stands behind the pulpit, or who doesn’t use a pulpit at all. Whether we’re rookies or pros, whether we’re in robes, suits, or jeans, whether we’re traditional or contemporary, we can benefit from huddling with Moe long enough to learn about I-Beam.

You and your church will be thankful, on any given Sunday.