What Else is Going on in the World?

While the world is entranced with wall-to-wall coverage about Michael Jackson, here are four miscellaneous items of interest to Christians that didn’t make the first page.


  • The Body of St. Paul:  Vatican has released new information from the traditional tomb of St. Paul, which is inside the Basilica of St. Paul’s Outside the Walls in Rome.  Carbon dating has confirmed the bones date from the First Century, and it’s likely they really are the mortal remains of the great apostle.
  • Obama’s Church:  President Obama has a new pastor – and he’s the nephew of country music star, Johnny Cash.  The Obamas have decided to attend a military chapel near Camp David, and the current chaplain is Lieut. Carey Cash, a Southern Baptist who received his training at Southwestern Seminary.
  • Summer Camp for Atheist Kids:  Atheist radical Richard Dawkins has set up an atheist summer camp where children will be taught “rational skepticism” and “evolutionary biology” while they enjoy canoeing and swimming and the blessings of God’s creation in a camp setting.
  • Released Gitmo Detainee Kills Missionaries:  Three Christian missionaries were shot execution-style and six others are missing after an attack in Yemen, apparently by an Al Qaeda-planned attack by a former Guantanamo detainee.