Any Advice on Cooking Rabbit?

Earlier this Spring I bought a mold for a bunny cake, and I gave it my best effort on Saturday of Easter weekend; but alas, the rabbit fell apart under the weight of the icing. It was death by frosting. Today I tried again (with the questionable help of two assistants). This time the cake held together, but I only used frosting to hold the two halves together. My rabbit looked  nothing like the picture on the package; he was rather pathetic. Before trying the third time, I thought I’d solicit ideas.

Butter, sugar, flour, baking powder, eggs, etc.
No, that's not blood on her finger. I was watching them carefully.
We all need help.
My lovely assistant
Baked Rabbit
By the time the middle is done the ears are brittle
Looks like he's been through the briar patch
Here's what he's suppose to look like.