Praise God for His Protective Care!

I want to post a brief personal note of praise and a prayer-request regarding our daughter Victoria and three of her children — Christiana, Chloe, and Cate. They are stiff and sore and traumatized — but otherwise unhurt — after a terrible accident yesterday. Their vehicle careened off the road in the rain, slid down a hillside, crashed through a fence, and slammed again a row of trees. The vehicle was totaled and Victoria was unconscious. Christiania had the presence of mind to find the cell phone and call Ethan with news they were somewhere in a wrecked car and Mommy was “asleep.” Ethan called me while en route to the site with news that things looked very serious, and Joshua and I jumped in a car and headed for Vanderbilt Medical Center, then were directed to St. Thomas. I kept reminding myself of Psalm 46, which I’m currently memorizing, and that kept me from sheer panic. Victoria meanwhile had awakened in the emergency room strapped to a hard board and not knowing what had happened to her children. When we found her, she was in shock and kept asking over and over about the girls. We were happy to tell her (about 150 times) they were all right.

To cut to the end of the story, X-Rays and CT Scans showed no injuries, and by the end of the night everyone was released to home. Their vehicle is a total loss and pictures of it are terrifying. How Cate survived the impact on her side of the vehicle is beyond comprehension. But the angels (about whom we have recently been preaching) and the Lord’s divine and protective care spun cocoons of grace around each life–and we are a very thankful family today.