Several Little Characters Bit the Dust

On Thanksgiving Day, I set up my Dicken’s Christmas village in the Dining Room, assisted by my grandson, Elijah, who is three. He helped me the way I usually help the Lord — with mixed results. Several little characters bit the dust, a lampost was broken, and a few trees were felled; but thankfully no houses were lost. It was necessary, however, to add a couple of contruction trucks to village life.

2 thoughts on “Several Little Characters Bit the Dust

  1. ahh memories I like the trucks – We had the missing baby Jesus problem – Andie thought since he wasn’t born yet he shouldn’t be in the Nativity set – Now they move the wisemen across the room – They came later –

  2. If the Lord feels about us the way I feel about my children “helping,” then for a while He is probably a bit amused by how helpful we think we are being. And then, finally, when the task can wait for completion no longer, He has to gently take our hands out of it and say, “Ok, just sit and watch for a minute and let Me finish up.”

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