Update from Katrina’s Open Heart Surgery

  Katrina is doing very well. She has just been moved from ICU to a regular room, and she’s well enough now to complain about the hospital food (“disgusting,” she told the nurse). Otherwise she’s in good spirits. They’ve disconnected most of the tubes, wires, pumps, monitors, pipes, and jumper cables (except for her heart monitors). She hasn’t experienced much pain (though she’s still on some pain-killers), and she seems to be regaining strength. The doctor said there is a world of difference in the way her heart sounds; so we are hopeful she’ll recover with new strength and vigor. They are talking about releasing her the first of the week, probably to go straight home. Katrina has drawn a world of encouragement from the notes, calls, e-mails, facebook posts, visits, card, and assurances of prayer; so thank you so much!!