My Favorite Preaching Quotes

When one for the first time mounts the pulpit, no one would believe how very afraid one is!  One sees so many heads down there!  Even now when I am in the pulpit I look at no one but tell myself they are merely blocks of wood which stand there before me, and I speak the word of my God to them — Martin Luther

Because the people would forget it; so that I was obliged almost to knock my Bible against their heads, to send it into their hearts — Martin Luther

I simply taught, preached, wrote God’s Word… otherwise I did nothing….  The Word did it all — Martin Luther

I find myself in the cleft of the rock and preach about it every Sunday — Andrew Bonar

The purpose of those who share the “oracles of God” is not primarily to help people with their problems; it is to speak for God who is ultimately the only help – David L. Larson

Oh, if ministers only saw the inconceivable glory that is before them, and the preciousness of Christ, they would not be able to refrain from going about, leaping and clapping their hands for joy, and exclaiming, I am a minister of Christ!  I am a minister of Christ! — Gardiner Spring