Christians Who Don’t Amount to Much


This presidential election cycle has shown us how ego-driven human beings can be. Perhaps one can’t strive for elective office without incredible self-centeredness and raw ambition – few political leaders have been truly humble, and the one I voted for has dropped out of the race. But we don’t have to be in politics to struggle with pride. We’re all ego-driven. Especially me. While I strive to keep my self-centeredness on the back burner, I’m not sure I do very well at it. And I cannot do it at all without the Lord’s help. But He does help us and He does it by, among other things, giving us the perspective of His Word. One verse that has recently helped me is James 1:9 in the Living Bible:

A Christian who doesn’t amount to much in this world should be glad, for he is great in the Lord’s sight.

What a way of putting it! Our whole culture is geared toward “amounting to something.” And, of course, we should amount to something, but that something should be defined biblically. James wants us to know that possessions and popularity aren’t as important as we think. If we’re great in the Lord’s sight – great in faithfulness, character, humility, joy, peace, and good deeds – we’re truly great and eternally great, even if no one else notices.