Fraudulent Facebook Account

Dear Friends,

I’ve received several notifications that my Facebook Page might be hacked.  On further investigation, however, my real Facebook Page (which is not a personal profile) is intact and secure at this time.

It seems someone created a fake / impersonation profile page to imitate me, using my pictures / posts to make the profile seem legitimate. The impersonator has been inviting friends and sending Facebook messages as me. If you receive such a message, please don’t respond or give away any personal information.

You can help get Facebook’s attention by reporting this phony profile.  My team created some instructions (below).  I’m sorry for any inconvenience and I’m thankful for any help reporting this activity.

Step 1: Visit the Fake Facebook Profile Page

Don’t attempt to contact or interact with the fake account holder. Visit:

Step 2: Click the 3 Dots on the Profile Picture

Step 3: Give Feedback / Report this Profile

Step 4: Choose Options and Send Form

Hopefully as Facebook receives additional reports, they’ll respond and take down the fraudulent account. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.