New Resource: My Podcast!

I’m excited to announce my new FREE resource, The Robert J. Morgan Podcast.

First Up: A Biblical Tour through American History

Episode 1: The Mayflower


My first set of weekly podcast episodes will be based on my upcoming book 100 Bible Verses that Made America (available in February or for preorder now). I’ve was so inspired by the way Scripture influenced every key event in our nation’s history, that I didn’t want to stop researching! My upcoming book tells 100 stories, but I’ve expanded on a select few for this podcast.

In my first episode, released this Thanksgiving week, you’ll learn how two specific Scriptures inspired and carried along the Pilgrims through their Mayflower voyage.

Future episodes will lead you through subsequent American History perhaps as you’ve never understood it before, through the veins of Biblical Inspiration. Head over to the Podcast Page to subscribe or find your favorite podcast provider and search for The Robert J. Morgan Podcast.

What Can You Expect in Future Podcast Episodes?

Is your understanding of the Bible weak or fragmented? Do you understand and appreciate the heritage Christians have because of the Bible? The Bible can be intimidating with its 66 books written over thousands of years, just like the rich heritage born from its pages. How can we understand Scripture as a whole as well as its parts? How do we know it can be trusted? How has it changed the world?

These issues prompted me to begin this podcast focused on two things.

Believe and Cherish the Bible

I’ve spent a lifetime educating and energizing Christians through every medium possible: books, sermons, lessons, stories, and personal interaction. A passion of mine is to help people gain a grasp on the Bible as a whole and each of its 66 books, their chapters, and verses — the whole and its parts. So expect to see future podcast episodes aimed at bolstering your understanding of Scripture and its implications to your life.

Learn and Love Christian Heritage

Christian History and Hymnity are vital to our faith. The more I’ve researched, learned, written, and taught, the more I’m convinced of the need to preserve and proclaim Christian heritage. I’ve written multiple books on stories behind the great Christian Hymns. Alongside these, other volumes tell stories from church history related to key figures, dates, and great Biblical passages.

You can expect that future Podcast episodes will involve hymn stories, as well as stories from the rich history we have as believers in a God who acts in history on our behalf.

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