Roan Mountain Days


High atop Roan Mountain on the Tennessee-North Carolina border are the largest natural rhododendron gardens in the world. Each year since 1947, the village of Roan Mountain has thrown a party to celebrate the beauty. I remember attending as a boy, and my dad was very involved for a long time. In recent years the annual Rhododendron Festival takes place at Roan Mountain State Park, and this year my sister, Ann, and I decided to sponsor a booth. She is a gifted watercolor artist, and I took a few books. My grandson, Elijah, went with me. About 10,000 people showed up, we listened to a lot of mountain music, ate taters and Amish donuts, and had a lot of fun. The flaming azaleas were also blooming on the balds. If you want to attend next year, we still have rooms available at Roan Mountain Bed and Breakfast, but they fill up fast. The dates are June 22-23, 2019. Here are some pictures.



6 thoughts on “Roan Mountain Days

  1. I looked for “Contact” on this site & couldn’t see such a tab. I am assuming you will be coming to Shadow Mountain again this August; I hope I can meet you and have you sign one of your books for. I am a blog writer, centering on my faith. I am thankful for your God-inspired writting and it in turn inspires me and inspires my writting. I have yet to quote you, but when I do, I will give full credit to you. I hope that is ok. — Gail Ballard

  2. Great to see you both, and with a grandson too, at the Festival. We’re now living in Italy, but we’ve not yet had the time to get up into the Alps. Our household items and vehicles are now beginning to show up but we’ve still got to look for an apartment or house in which to live before things can be delivered. Well, it’s only week two for us, we’ll get it done sooner or later! Ciao from Bill and Carol to Rob and Ann!

  3. When will the festival be for 2019? I recently discovered I am an Arrowood and want to visit the area my relatives lived many years ago on Roan mountain. I live in Western MD and I am planning a trip close to Gastonia NC in Sept this year, however next year’s trip would be great during the festival.

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