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Stories of Church Life

The Donelson Fellowship celebrated its 60th birthday today and we had a great celebration at our church. Since I’ve been there for 36 years, it was hard not to reminisce. Rather than sharing stories about the founding or the growth of our church, I decided to share two stories of church life, illustrating the poignancy […]

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The Beauty of Belfast and Northern Ireland

  Thanks to my friends at Child Evangelism Fellowship Ireland, I’ve had a wonderful time ministering the Word, working on a book, and getting in a bit of sightseeing. Ireland is as beautiful as everyone has told me. Here are a few pictures, which include the location of the building where the Titanic was designed […]

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If Irish Walls Could Talk

  Today in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we took a little time away from speaking engagements for sightseeing in a city that still shows the marks of its violent conflicts, but which also welcomes visitors to its beautiful landscapes, dramatic murals, and Titanic celebrations. I was most intrigued by the political murals, which are posted on buildings all over […]


Your Invitation: Tour Israel with Me in 2016

  There’s nothing like seeing the places you’ve read about all your life. For students of the Bible, a trip to the Holy Land is a lifetime adventure that adds depth and interest to every page of Scripture. That’s why Van Stewart and I have been leading tours to Israel for many years. Our 2016 […]