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The Church That Learned to Give

Tonight I want to tell you a story about a church that learned to give. I ripped this story out of an old issue of the now-defunct Moody Magazine. It appeared back in the 1980s, written by Lyle Eggleston, who served as a missionary in a little town on the rocky coast of northern Chile. […]

2010 - London Day 5 057

Seven Qualities of Our Resurrection Bodies

Seven Qualities of our Resurrection Bodies How Will We Be Different & How Different Will We Be? 1 Corinthians 15   Introduction: This week we’ve been thinking about the brevity of life. I touched on this subject this morning, and at the same time we’ve been thinking a great deal about a dear friend of […]

Antiquities Center 154

His Birth: A Foreshadowing of His Burial

  If you go with me to Israel next summer, we’ll likely go to the town of Megiddo where our guide will take us to the ruins of an ancient stable and show us a manger from biblical times. It is hewn from stone, not wood. That’s also in keeping with accounts we have from visitors to […]

2010 - Canterbury and Dover 132

Jesus Spoke More Powerful Than Anyone In History

Jesus didn’t come with fallible human opinions. When He spoke it was as though God Himself were speaking; and, in fact, it was God Himself speaking. If you want to know what God thinks, read the words of Jesus. If you want to know God’s insights into any subject, listen to Jesus. If you want […]