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Running on Empty?

A Study of Acts 6 Introduction: It’s been a long time since I ran out of gasoline, but a lot of times I drive on fumes. I hate to stop and fill up my car, and so I wait until the last possible gallon. It’s one thing to do that on the highways of Tennessee; […]

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No Other Name, No Other Option, No Other Power

A Study of Acts 4 Introduction: The book of Acts is filled with stories of amazing devotion, and it reads like the script of a movie. Last Sunday night we studied Acts 3, when Peter and John were going up to the temple at the hour of prayer. They were evidently on their way to […]

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Gateway: Beautiful Miracle / Powerful Message

A  Study of Acts 3 Introduction: The story of the healing of the lame man by the beautiful gate is the first biblical text I recall reading in public. I was in the third or fourth grade, I suppose; and in those days our public schoolteachers began every day by reading a bit of Scripture […]

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Our Time and our Times are In His Hand

Living Clockwise Recently I spoke on the subject of stewarding our time, and my grandson Elijah, 9, was in the audience. A few days later when he and his mother were talking, Elijah told her, “I like to waste time, just not all the time. You know, I’ve been listening to papa and he does […]