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5 Great Changes that Come with Repentance

Five Great Changes That Come with Repentance A Study of Ruth 2 Introduction: If you’re worried about raising children in a difficult age, let me recommend the book of Ruth. The prior book, Judges, tells of a long period of cyclical sin. Everyone did what was right in their own eyes, not what was right […]

The Man With 2,347 Names on His Prayer List

I’ve come across the account of a man named Ding Li-Mei, whose story will inspire your prayer life. Ding and his family were reached for Christ in the 1800s by the foreign missions efforts of American Presbyterians. As a child, Ding was responsive to the Gospel and was mentored by a woman named Julia Mateer, […]

Fraudulent Facebook Account

Dear Friends, I’ve received several notifications that my Facebook Page might be hacked.  On further investigation, however, my real Facebook Page (which is not a personal profile) is intact and secure at this time. It seems someone created a fake / impersonation profile page to imitate me, using my pictures / posts to make the […]

God’s Warning, Our Awakening

Studying the Book of Micah Plus a Suggested Five-Part Sermon Series from Micah Introduction: The moment the New York legislature burst into cheers about passing a bill to murder of children for any reason up to the point of birth, our nation crossed a line from which, apart from divine mercy, there is no return. […]