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Preaching in the Last Days

Communicating God’s Logic to a Lost Culture 2 Timothy 3 – 4 Introduction: A few months ago, I spoke in a church whose pastor is my age and whose staff is made up of millennials. At supper, the pastor and I recalled the 1950s, when America was a church-going nation. Evangelists held prolonged meetings, churches […]

From Woe to Whoa!

How to See Your Situation Differently A Study of Psalm 73 Introduction: Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs. As a young person he understandably struggled with depression and loneliness, but he placed his faith in Jesus has developed an amazing ministry. Someone recently wrote Nick saying, “I’m a follower of God… but I […]

Dr. Benjamin Rush: Our Forgotten Founding Father

  America critically needs politicians, statesmen, physicians, humanitarians, educators, and social reformers who are committed to the transforming power of the cross of Jesus Christ. That’s the way our nation began. Take Dr. Benjamin Rush, for example. Dr. Benjamin Rush is America’s Forgotten Founding Father, and perhaps it’s because modern secular historians are allergic to […]

A Lifeline For Deep Waters

Galatians 2:20 Introduction: Only once have I thought I was drowning. I was a boy at a swimming pool, and some older fellows held me under water a little too long and scared me. The Bible describes trouble as deep waters. Job felt he was drowning in affliction (Job 10:15). Psalm 18:16 says God pulls […]