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Abiding in Christ

A Study of John 15 Background: On the final night of our Lord’s natural life, Jesus gave His disciples a poignant message in John 13-17—the Upper Room Discourse. He started by washing their feet in the first part of John 13, followed by the departure of Judas Iscariot in the last part of the chapter.A […]

Another Year is Dawning

  God’s Three Resolutions for Your Life This Year A Study of Hebrews 10:19-25 Introduction: Several years ago a friend in the Tennessee Air National Guard called me and said, “The Vice President is in town and he’s away from Air Force Two for a few hours. Would you like to come down and get […]

8 Biblical Reasons We Call Jesus God

  Introduction: If you watched the news 2000 years ago in the Middle East, you would have been pretty discouraged. The ruler of Israel, Herod the Great, was sliding into insanity and was paranoid and violent. The land of Israel was occupied by the enemy. Their weak providential government was splintered into factions—Seduces and Pharisees […]

No Turning Back

  Regaining Momentum in Your Ministry Introduction: Ulysses Grant faced Robert E. Lee during the “Battle of the Wilderness” in May of 1864. This took place in Northern Virginia, and it was a savage battle in which 200,000 men met in a fight to the death. The wilderness around the Rapidan River was twelve miles […]