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“I Have Found the Book!”

“I Have Found the Book!” A Study of 2 Chronicles 33 – 35 I want to tell you the story of a great leader, a man whose example can change our lives. He was one of the greatest leaders of history, though you may not even know his name. It isn’t Alexander the Great, who […]

Robert J. Morgan Podcast Episode 1

The Robert J. Morgan Podcast | Episode 1: The Mayflower (Transcript)

The Mayflower Hello, this is Robert J. Morgan talking about my book 100 Bible Verses That Made America. My thesis? Trying to explain American history without its Bible is like trying to understand the human body without its bloodstream. Had there been no Bible, there would be no America as we know it, and perhaps […]

The Rhythms of Revival

Introduction: Last month my grandson and I went to New York for a few days. We visited the 9/11 Memorial, which is at the end of Fulton Street. Fulton Street not a long street. It runs crosswise across lower Manhattan. We walked the entire thing looking for some monument, memorial, or plaque that would show […]