Getting Your Life Back on Track

  Use The Jonah Model Introduction: As society falls apart, our culture feels like a train flying off the rails. Sometimes that’s true for us as individuals. People say things like: We’re trying to get our marriage back on track.  He’s going into rehab to get back on track. We’ve got to get our finances on […]

Is the Bible true?

  When people ask us whether the Bible is true, we need to begin with the essential nature of Scripture itself. Second Timothy 3:16 says, “All Scripture is God-breathed.” The older translations use the words “inspired” or “inspiration.” Inspiration is that process by which the Holy Spirit came upon the authors of the Bible (without […]

Please Give Me Exposition, Part 2

  “Preaching in our time is in a dither,” as David Larson wrote in The Company of Preachers, a sweeping biographical review of preaching through the ages. No age has needed biblical exposition more than ours, and Dr. Larson has a simple way of defining the term. A sermon is biblical when it says what […]