From Woe to Whoa!

How to See Your Situation Differently A Study of Psalm 73 Introduction: Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs. As a young person he understandably struggled with depression and loneliness, but he placed his faith in Jesus has developed an amazing ministry. Someone recently wrote Nick saying, “I’m a follower of God… but I […]

A Lifeline For Deep Waters

Galatians 2:20 Introduction: Only once have I thought I was drowning. I was a boy at a swimming pool, and some older fellows held me under water a little too long and scared me. The Bible describes trouble as deep waters. Job felt he was drowning in affliction (Job 10:15). Psalm 18:16 says God pulls […]

Kingdom Couples

  When Marriage Becomes a Ministry that Touches the World Introduction: Good marriages don’t happen automatically. They require a lot of work and a few good models to learn by. Let me introduce you to a couple whose marriage was among the best in the Bible—Aquila and Priscilla. We run into them several times in […]

10 Commandments for Young Pastors

  Never miss your personal daily devotions. Meet personally with the Lord every day, because ministry is overflow; and your Bible study for sermon preparation is no substitute for personally closing your door and talking with your Father in secret. You must have the daily refreshment of the Word. The most important thing isn’t your […]