A Practical Doctrine


In today’s sermon, I refered to a book that was written exactly 100 years ago, in 1908, by William E. Blackstone, entitled “Jesus is Coming.” According to John Walvoord, “More than any other single book, it proved a study in eschatology which served to introduce the twentieth century as a time for intense study of prophecy.”

Chapter 17 of “Jesus is Coming” is very short. The chapter heading is “A Practical Doctrine,” and here Blackstone provides a list of 40 ways in which the truth of the Second Coming should affect our lives.

This book is available on-line, and I thought you might like Blackstone’s list of the 40 ways in which the doctrine of the Second Coming can strengthen, improve, motivate, and encourage us in our daily life. Just click this link:http://www.raptureready.com/resource/web/web17.html

I wasn’t able to cover 40 points today, but for my sermon on five ways we’re impacted by the truth of the Second Coming, hit this link: http://www.donelson.org/pocket/pp-081214.html.