Alligator Alley

Yesterday afternoon here in Sebring, Florida, at the SIM retirement village, I crept down toward the lake to get a picture of an alligator for my grandson, Elijah. Later I wondered what would have happened had he come after me. Last night I had a terrible nightmare of being eaten alive by an animal. I woke up calling for Katrina to help me! It was such an unnerving experience I’ve decided this morning to memorize Psalm 150, on the premise that memorizing Scripture is a great antidote for subconscious fears (of which I apparently have many). If you have any alligators lumbering around in your brain, why not join me in memorizing the six verses of Psalm 150. (It beings and ends with the same three words: “Praise the Lord!” so if you learn the first of the Psalm you’ve automatically learned the last of it, giving you a great head start).