Coming and Going

If you’re in the San Diego area, please join us Sunday night at Shadow Mountain Community Church, where I’ll be speaking at Dr. David Jeremiah’s Summer Bible Conference. My daughter Grace is going with me, and we’d love to see you. I’m still exhausted from the trip to Israel, but we’re going out a day early to rest and relax. I think we’ll drive over to La Jolla on Saturday and bum around. We both need a little break. In the meantime, here’s something I’m going to say at Shadow Mountain. Our greatest work in life is bearing our Lord’s message to the world. Every day is a day of witnessing. Every soul we meet is a target for soul-winning. We’re sowers of Gospel seed, fishers of men, and ambassadors for Christ. We’re called to a seven-fold strategy as we witness:

  • Through lifestyle
  • Through lip
  • Through letter
  • Through literature
  • Through labor in His Kingdom
  • Through the light of our countenance
  • Through the lift of our financial support to His work

How many of these can you do today?

0 thoughts on “Coming and Going

  1. I like that! Wish I could be there to hear you! Maybe we’ll catch a recording of it later or you will share it somewhere locally. Praying for rest even as you travel.

    Amy Gamble
    Kingston, TN

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