Footprints Stepping on Evolution?

The Christian Post is reporting that the latest discovery of fossilized footprints by four-legged vertebrates overthrows the model for how land animals emerged.  These footprints were found in Poland, and the journal Nature carried an article about them in the January issue.  Per Ahlberg, a Swedish paleontologist who lead the new research, told CNN, “In the course of a single afternoon I found myself revising the entire understanding I had of my own research.”

Dr. Fuz Rana, a biochemist who is following the story, said, “This is a huge discovery… another example of supposedly a well-established evolutionary story, that has presumable fossil evidence to support it, that is now blown out of the water by a single find.”

He continued, “People who are skeptics of the evolutionary paradigm are even more justifiable in their skepticism today than they were yesterday because of this particular discovery.”

You can read the whole article here.