How Do Atheists Celebrate Easter?

If you follow atheists to their logical conclusions, their world ends on Good Friday. Death and decay are the end of their philosophy.  There is no Easter. By its very nature atheism necessarily excludes any and all ultimate hope.  It inexorably leads to ultimate, overwhelming, unyielding, existential despair.

If there is no God, there’s nothing ahead of the universe except demise. You will die, and there’s nothing more. Your children will die. Your grandchildren will die. We will all die and our existence will cease forever and there’s nothing more. Eventually this planet itself will die. Given enough time, the sun will burn out, the universe will collapse within itself, and everything will become as though it had never been.

All our progress will collapse. All our joys will evaporate. All human purpose and meaning will be futile, empty, and meaningless. If you are an atheist, your life may have some momentary meaning to you, but it has no ultimate purpose and no lasting meaning.  We’re just the accidental byproducts of matter plus time plus chance that appear for a flash of a moment, then are extinguished forever. That in itself doesn’t mean that Christianity is true; there are other ways of demonstrating that. It simply means that atheism and non-Christian faith systems are one-way roads to meaninglessness and absurdity.

In contrast to this, I’d like to offer the message of the Gospel of John. Exactly fifty times in the fourth Gospel, we find the word LIFE!  As we read through the Gospel of John, this is what we find:

In Him was life, and that life was the light of man…. He who comes down from heaven… gives life to the world… I am the bread of life…. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life…. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that you may have life, and more abundantly…. I am the way, the truth, and the life…. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish…. These things are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name.

Life, life, life, life, life—that’s the message of John, and that’s the message of Jesus. And that’s why I’m celebrating Easter. 

(This is from my 2010 Easter sermon. To read the entire message, check out our TDF website at

7 thoughts on “How Do Atheists Celebrate Easter?

  1. Wow, where to begin here. It’s very apparent from the beginning that you have never had a conversation with an atheist that was longer than three minutes. It’s also extremely apparent that your narrow minded approach to religion has kept you from actually learning one single thing about other faiths.
    I’m fine with religious fervor. I have great respect for people who have faith. However, sheer ignorance of a subject hurts both sides of the argument. Finding a passage with the word “life” plastered all over the page does not render an atheist hopeless or decrease his value of life. Saying that an atheist has nothing to live for is the equivalent of saying that a Christian has no purpose in life. If this is all some test from the invisible man in the sky, why would life have any value? Anything any Christian ever wanted is out of their reach. So what’s the Christian’s point in life? To get to heaven. A Christian’s life is dedicated to “being good” in order to receive a reward. If I were to sum that up as you have with atheists I would come to the conclusion that any good deed is inherently selfish. If Heaven was not the reward, would a Christian still want to do them? Of course any righteous minded person is going to say yes. So will any atheist. The tone of your post carries a connotation about atheism that a lack of religious faith means a lack of interest or caring for our fellow beings.
    This is incorrect, and frankly, ignorant. The single greatest cause of atheism in the world today is Christians, who confess Jesus with their mouths, but deny him with their lifestyles. Jesus loved outcasts. Alienating and offending a group of people is the worst way to sway their opinion, and doesn’t seem very Christ-like. You yourself, a pastor, are approaching a subject you clearly know nothing about without wanting to know what the people you are attacking believe or feel. I would never tell a Christian that I was trying to educate that they had been brainwashed their entire life. That kind of broad sweeping flash judgment would most likely not be well received.
    Please feel free to open an actual dialogue with me, and because I know you really want to, pray for me.

  2. Your tone is spiteful. Why do you think you know about something so thoroughly when you clearly hate it so much? You obviously don’t understand atheism at all, you fear it. If we are generally pre-judging people- I don’t know atheists to be wallowing in despair. You believing them to be and that being true are not the same thing.

    1. And he seems to have forgotten that he is not “Gawid”. And not to get all biblical but isn’t god the only one that can judge and pre-determine who’s soul spends an eternity in skin-sizzling teeth-popping weather or doing figure 8s in the sky while occasionally stealing a few smells of the rainbow & unicorn scented clouds in enternally perfect weather. Wait a sec! He thinks he’s god!

    2. I know , I read that and was like wow. I think I laughed a solid 5 minutes . I have lost the ability to be offending my “Christians” such as these cause as they reveal their heart it’s easy to see exactly where the judgment, intolerance and lack of respect for others life’s actually lives … and it’s not with atheists.

      Every time I see this I am once again thankfully I broke free of dogma and shackles of religion and learned my heart and morals separate from the reward and punishment system baked into religions all over . I know when I do good I do it because it the right thing and makes me feel good .

    3. I do not claim to understand but I know an atheist family well that makes a big deal about Easter. They get themselves and their kids all dressed up, take pictures and party similar to birthday parties. Christmas is even more festive

  3. I think I am an atheist. I think, therefore I am. Wait! If I can think of something, then that thing exists because whether or not it exists, I think it exists so it exists in my mind, at least. I can think of god so since I can think of god and I can construct in my mind what a god is, then a god exists, at least the construct of a god exists in my mind. If there is a god, or many gods for that matter, is he an all powerful creator of the universe or is he just a god of say the solar system I live in. Could gods be just like senators creating and then representing different solar systems in the universe? How big is the universe and how many solar systems are in the universe? Does the universe believe in the electoral college or does it believe in the popular vote? Is the Christian version of god like the big brother of the Islamic or Muslim god? Okay, lets get back to atheism. If god created the universe, or at least my solar system, the he also created me. If he created me, then he created someone who is skeptical that he even exists. Why did god create skepticism and atheists? Extrapolating the existence of god or atheism or the purpose of faith is just too easy to do with the other thing god must have created which is logic and reason and the ability to string together thoughts into an argument. Though I agree that humans are often not very good at stringing together thoughts, some are better than others at doing that and therefore some are very capable of creating doubt. That doubt can be used to control and that control is basically the purpose of the creation. Create a universe of people, or at least a solar system of people and then control it. Like my final four bracket. I can control my bracket. Ultimately I guess god controls my bracket as he determines who will win based on how good or bad people with power he bestowed upon them, use that power to compete and win.

    So going back to the atheist idea. I’m an atheist with an insurance policy. My insurance policy is based on this. If god did in fact create me and expected me to have faith but didn’t control me and force me to realize that he exists and instead gave me the ability to logically disprove his existence, then he obviously understands me and will not punish me for using what he gave me to create a logical explanation for my belief in his non-existence.

  4. You certainly come across as very close minded. Especially in the subject of Atheism. I myself am an atheist and I can say that I have the utmost respect for human life and human beings. Knowing that there is no evidence to any after life only makes this life more special. I am not living my life in the hope that an after life will be better. I am not doing good deeds to get something in return. I already have something, this wonderful gift of life that many never get a chance to have. I respect and cherish this life and this little planet of ours. I don’t disregard this gift of life as nothing. Someone in the faith once told me that ‘this life is nothing’. It’s the after life that counts. That to me is pure ignorance of how lucky we are to be here for this short and wonderful life. I don’t know what happens after we die. If something does, that is great but I will wait for discoveries with evidence. Science is always looking for answers to our origins and that is wonderful. This life is wonderful and I will never poison my thinking that there is something better after we die. I don’t need faith in religion to have morals and respect for human life. In fact being an atheist has made me respect life even more and open up my mind to any possibility that science might discover about our origins. Every atheist I know had the ability to reason. They have full lives and do good in society which is more than I can say for some who hide behind religion or use religion as a coping mechanism. The reality is that religion is anthropomorphic and there is nothing more to it. I think I will let science guide me with brand new discoveries and advancements they are making all the time. Evidence is the backbone of science as opposed to religion using faith and fear and I hate to say it is for the weak of mind. It seems to me that you don’t understand anything about atheists.

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