How Long Can Our Culture Last?

During a recent flight, I sat beside a man from the Department of Defense who was stationed in Key West. Among other things, he helps monitor the flow of illegal drugs from Mexico and Latin American into the United States. He also coordinates with his counterparts in central Asia. He told me that drug enforcement agencies are stopping about seven percent of the illegal drugs flooding into our country from the south.

Here’s the interesting thing. And according to his assessment, the war in Afghanistan is largely about the drugs that are flowing into Europe at unstoppable rates. So…

  • In America, millions of people are living under the influence of illegal drugs from Latin America
  • In Europe millions are doing the same on drugs coming from central Asia, especially Afghanistan. 

“The West has become its own worst enemy,” he said, “and things are getting worse.”

It wasn’t a very encouraging conversation, but it made me realize the priority of our Gospel mission to this sinking culture — and of the power of Christ alone to do anything about it.