New Release! Angels–True Stories

Angels: True Stories

In my newly-released book, Angels: True Stories (click here for more information or to order a signed copy), I’ve tracked down and added some great quotes about the angelic world around us. Here is one of my favorites. The biblical scholar Dr. Albert Barnes said:

Angels are sent to be (our) attendants…. Kings and princes are surrounded by armed men, or by sages called to be their counselors; but the most humble saint may be encompassed by a retinue of beings of far greater power and more elevated rank…. (Angels) come to attend the redeemed; they wait on their steps; they sustain them in trial; they accompany them when departing to heaven. It is a higher honor to be attended by one of those pure intelligences than by the most elevated monarch that ever swayed a scepter or wore a crown.[i]

[i] Albert Barnes, Notes Explanatory and Practical on the Epistle to the Hebrews (London: Knight and Son, 1855), 66.