San Diego with Elijah

Last weekend I spoke at Shadow Mountain Community Church Bible Conference, so I brought my grandson Elijah (and his dad) a couple of days early for a little R & R. It was Elijah’s first airplane trip (since he was a baby), and the pilot let him sit in the cockpit before takeoff. The next day we were airborne again for a helicopter tour over San Diego. The next day was most special of all for Elijah — we went to the zoo and had his picture made with his favorite animal, a cheetah. Sunday we were at Shadow Mountain and I took Elijah in to meet Dr. David Jeremiah in the Green Room, but Elijah was distracted by the coffee cake and donuts on the hospitality table. He tolerated the picture just long enough to tackle the goodies like a pro.

Pilot Elijah in the Southwest Cockpit
Another ride, with our friend Paul Waggoner
Getting ready to hover over San Diego
In flight
San Diego and the Pacific
Elijah with Hippo at San Diego Zoo
I can't even remember what this animal was, but you can ask Elijah. He knows them all.
Elijah's new two-ton friend
Everyone pandas to this animal
What an odd-looking bird is a pelican...
In the Polar Bear exhibit
Elijah and the cheetah make eye contact
Feeding time
Elijah -- all boy -- had a number of spills, falls, and mishaps, including painful encounter with a cactus
With David Jeremiah
Sneaking away with Dr. Jeremiah's donut