Scientists Who Believe; Britons Who Don’t

Two interesting articles appeared in today’s edition of the London Daily Mail.  One is rather discouraging.  Only a third of Britons believe in the nativity, even though 43% claim to be Christian.  This poll was commissioned by St Helen’s Church in Bishopsgate, London, in order to raise awareness about the meaning of Christmas.  New Testament expert Dr. Paul Barnette is quoted as saying, “Using routine historical analysis, we conclude that the outlines of Jesus’ life, teaching, death, and resurrection as we find them in the Gospels are historically reliable.”  The problem is that our culture assumes the nativity to be a fable without investigating it.  You can read this article here.

The other article is encouraging.  Increasing numbers of scientists are pointing to the reality of God.  Professor Sir John Polkinghome of Cambridge and a world-renowned particle physicist said, “Science is great, but it’s not the whole story…. There are very striking things about the world that are best understood as the work of God.”

Another scientist, Oxford mathematics professor John Lennox, said, “The evidence (for God’s existence) is cumulative and of two sorts — objective evidence that comes from science, and what I see in Jesus Christ, who, as Christmas reminds us, is the Word become flesh, God encoded in humanity.”  Read this article here.