Spring Break with Katrina in NYC

Katrina and I decided to take two nights away for our own personal Spring Break, so we came up to New York City and had decent enough weather yesterday to go for a long walk, up Times Square, over to Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, up Fifth Avenue to Central Park. And that’s where we ran into a movie being filmed at a swing set. Special Effects had brought in snow, and Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock were there (Tom taller than we thought and clad in a brown leather jacket) filming while we watched. We went on over to Columbus, had a quiet supper, and ambled back down to our hotel. It was a wonderful afternoon on the streets of New York City. Today we’re going to the Metropolitan Museum and tonight to Mary Poppins on Broadway. Home tomorrow. Here are some pics.

Katrina looking out our hotel room
That's Tom Hanks filming a scene at the swings. The snow is fake.
That's Tom in the brown jacket between scenes for the movie "Extremely Loud and Incredible Close"
The Brightest Star on Times Square
The view from our hotel room