Strangers in the World

Tomorrow at The Donelson Fellowship, I’m beginning a Sunday-morning pulpit study of 1 Peter, called Uncomfortable.  As followers of Christ, we’re not supposed to feel at home in this world.  In the first verse of the book, Peter describes us as “strangers in the world.”

This phrase is the translation of the Greek term  παρεπίδημος (para-ped’-a-mos) — an expatriate, a temporary resident in a place not his home.  When I looked to see how the various English versions had translated this word, I was surprised by the variety: 

  • Exiles – the English Standard Version
  • Sojourners –  The American Standard Version
  • Strangers – The King James Version
  • Foreigners – New Living Translation
  • Pilgrims – New King Names Version
  • (Those) who live as refugees – The Good News Translation
  • Those away from their homes – New Century Version
  • Those who reside as aliens – New American Standard Version
  • Those temporarily residing abroad – The NET Bible
  • Temporary residents – Holman Christian Standard Bible

Peter is saying we must think of ourselves in these terms.  We are deployed by God in a land not our own.  We’re temporary residents of this world.  That’s the basis of thinking behind the book of 1 Peter. This world is not a destination but a deployment.  It’s not our permanent location but our temporary assignment.

For a full manuscript of the sermon, click here.  Hope you can join us tomorrow at 8:45, 10:15, and 6 p.m.