The Bare Facts of the Story

A couple of weeks ago when Jeff Nichols and I were in North Carolina we had the opportunity of having supper with far-famed evangelist, Dr. Luis Palau, the Argentine native who has preached to over a billion people in person and recorded over a million people professing Christ as Savior during his festivals. I asked him if any of his sermons had ever been interrupted. He said yes, that on several occasions his meetings had been disrupted. Once during his London Crusade, he told us, as he was getting up and opening his Bible, a group of young men – animal rights activists – ran across the field stark naked. This was during the streaking craze. They ran right in front of the platform.

A policeman on the platform who had been assigned security detail became so angry that he leaped off the stage, took off after the leader (a young man named Billy), and tackled him in the open field. He was rough with him. The song-leader jumped up and led in a song while the streakers were handcuffed and hauled away. When the excitement was over, Dr. Palau resumed his sermon.

But there’s an epilogue to the story. Apparently the arresting police officer became convicted in his heart that he had been a little harsh with the boy when he had thrown him to the ground. So he arranged to meet with Billy. He displayed a different demeanor and invited Billy to come back to the meeting the next night—properly attired—to sit with him during the service. Billy did return the next night, and he heard the Gospel, gave his heart to the Lord, and was clothed with the righteousness of Christ.

It is natural for Christians to want to share our faith and lead others to Christ, and we never know when we’ll have an opportunity to do so. This is the natural and unavoidable consequence of realizing that Christ has risen from the dead. Whether we’re a far-famed evangelist or a police officer, there’s always a chance for us to share the naked truth of the the Gospel with someone needing to touch the hem of His garment.

PS – Excerpted from my sermon “It’s a Great Day to Change the World,” at, in the sermon file.