The Rapture Has Already Taken Place

Instead of hovering over the television on election night, I spent the evening working of my sermons for the following Sunday. I’m in a series on the rapture of the church, and I was stuck by the fact that the rapture has actually already taken place, and three times at that! Three people have already been raptured, or “caught up,” to heaven.

The first to be raptured was Enoch, and two verses in the Bible are devoted to this. Genesis 5:24 says, “Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.” And Hebrews 11:5 says, “By faith Enoch was taken from this life, so that he did not experience death; he could not be found, because God had taken him away. For before he was taken, he was commended as one who pleased God.”

The second person is Elijah in 2 Kings 2. You may remember that story of Elijah’s sudden translation to heaven in the chariot of God.

The third person, of course, was Jesus Christ, who ascended to heaven in Luke 24 and Acts 1.


These three people are forerunners and previewers of the great coming rapture of the church; and if we want to learn something about what it’s going to be like for us to be raptured, we should meditate on these three men. It was a very comforting thought for me on election night, and I went to bed greatly encouraged by the promise of coming events.

2 thoughts on “The Rapture Has Already Taken Place

  1. I think the rapture if it took place now most of us would not even be aware of it because if our society is so corrupted and blinded by our own life style for example eating unclean animals dressing anyway we want to celebrating Halloween telling us as Kids not to Gamble and the Pastor alone with the deacons and Church Mothers Going to Verges on a so called so bus playing church music instead of soul music through the load speakers and the first Lady saying Mommy needs a new pair of shoes alone with the rest of the Church Mothers How would we know if the Rapture took place or not?

    even I have been affected by the deception of Vegas never won nothing so I stop trying that was the only reason had nothing to do with my faith. they always took my Money.

  2. I personally believe the rapture has already taken place. I dont mean in the sense that God has lifted millions of us up to heaven. I believe that God has woken his chosen up. When I was child I was a true believer, but not long after I turn 11 years old, my mother was murdered by my father. So I lost faith in God. I ended up going down a very dark path, drinking alcohol and taking drugs. I hurt my family (my Grandparents and my sisters). They turned their backs on me and left me with no where to turn, so I turned to my ex boyfriend, who at the time was a heroin addict. After i had my daughter and lost her to social services, i then became a heroin addict myself. Anyway after 6 months i wanted to get myself clean and sober so I left my ex and got myself clean and then sober. In 2009 I started feeling my faith return, then i found out I was pregnant again. I had to move to London because social services wanted to take my second child. It was very hard because all I wanted to do was be with my daughter who was still in foster care. I started to read to bible. It helped me get stronger, stay away from drugs and alcohol. My faith got stronger. I have done alot of bad things in my life but never had anyone to help me do better, until I met my current boyfriend in 2009. His family helped me get myself sorted. They wanted me to go to church but I dont believe in religion. I believe when God raptures a person, he wakes them up from a very deep sleep. I know talk with God all the time, we even have little arguments when i come across something in the bible that i dont agree with. God is the light.

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