The Unseen Army

Here’s an excerpt from tomorrow morning’s sermon on prayer:

No one on earth fully appreciates the fact that as the sun rises in the east each morning, vast armies of thousands of saints – many of them enfeebled, retired, sidelined soldiers who in their golden years have discovered a new ministry on their knees — rise from bed, go to their tables or desks and spread their prayer lists before the Lord.  Millions of prayers ascend upward each new day.  Millions of names are called.  Millions of problems are addressed before the Throne of Grace.  And millions of answers descend in God’s timing.

Missionaries are strengthened, children return to the fold, financial needs are met, pastors are empowered for their work, churches are unified, hurts are healed, history is altered, and a million cares are committed into the pierced hands of the Savior.

Prayer is approaching God and Asking.

One thought on “The Unseen Army

  1. Yes, and therein lies the peace that passes all understanding. There are storm clouds ahead and it is only on our knees that we will develop the strength to do as He commanded and fight the good fight. Thank you for the reminder that prayer straight from the heart is never void or powerless. Though the Lord may sometimes require us to wait, it is for His blessed working of all things to the good of those who Love Him, those who are called according to His purpose.

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