Two 3:16s

This morning in the introduction of my message, I compared John 3:16 with 2 Timothy 3:16.    These verses have more in common with each other than the street number.

John 3:16 is about the Living Word, and 2 Timothy 3:16 is about the Written Word.  The first talks about the Savior, and the second talks about the Scriptures.  These two entities comprise the two greatest gifts ever bestowed on humanity.

Both are utterly unique.  Jesus is like no other person the world has ever seen, and the Bible is like no other book the world has ever read.


Jesus was both fully human and fully divine.  He came down from heaven, yet made His appearance through the instrumentality of a human being who was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit.  The Scriptures are both fully human and fully divine.  They came down from heaven, yet were given through the instrumentality of human beings who were borne along by the Holy Spirit.


Both are fully human, yet fully divine.  And just as the Savior is sinless, the Scriptures are flawless.  The Savior came to save us, and the Scriptures were given to tell us how to be saved.


The Bible is Jesus in print, and Jesus is the personification and fulfillment of the Scriptures.


John 3:16 and 2 Timothy 3:16!  It’s like comparing one side of a coin with the other.