Vest Pocket Edition of Psalm 23

Hope you can join us tomorrow at The Donelson Fellowship — 8:45 & 10:15.  Here’s a preview of the message:

The genius of this Psalm is its simplicity.  Everyone is longing for the simple life.  In an age of complexity and confusion, we all want to simplify, simplify.  And nothing’s simpler than Psalm 23.  Here’s a Condensed Version of this chapter:

  • Beside Me:  My Shepherd
  • Beneath Me:  Green Pastures
  • Near Me:  Quiet Waters
  • Before Me:  Righteous Paths
  • Within Me:  Restored Spirits
  • Against Me:  My Enemies
  • For Me:  His rod and staff
  • Around Me:  A Tableland
  • Upon Me:  Anointing Oil
  • Above Me:  Overflowing Blessings
  • Behind Me:  Goodness and Mercy
  • In Front of Me:  The House of the Lord