What a Remarkable Book!

Here is something that I wrote for Turning Points Magazine that summerizes how I feel about the Word of God

What a remarkable book is the Bible. It’s just the right length — long enough to tell us all that God wants us to know, yet short enough to carry in our hands. Its verses are deep enough to puzzle scholars, yet simple enough for children to memorize. It’s the food of the soul.

The Bible as infallible in telling us about fallible people. It’s as high as the highest heavens, but as down to earth as David’s adultery, Noah’s drunkenness, or Paul’s argument with Barnabas. Without sugarcoating its heroes, it shows us how to live extraordinary lives as pilgrims in this world.

Though timeless, it’s timely. Though written over a span of ages, its message is consistent and cohesive. It’s without error, but it shows us our errors and helps us correct them. It reveals us the holiness of God, the mercy of Christ, the power of Calvary, the way to heaven, and the life that wins. It contains all the answers we need even when we don’t always understand the questions.

What a remarkable book is the Bible!