What Went Wrong?

Yesterday, caught between competing demands, I became upset in Katrina’s doctor’s office. The claustrophobic waiting room, the blaring television, the germ-infested old magazines, and the inexcusably long wait made me a pacing,  fideting, complaining nervous wreck. By the time Dr. Zhou could finally see us, we didn’t have time to see him because I had a wedding to officiate. We rushed out of his office like bats out of hell.

This morning I’ve been reviewing my time management principles to see what went wrong, and my mind has been soothed by this quotation from a favorite writer, Dr. J. Oswald Sanders.

Our Lord moved through life with majestic and measured tread, never in a hurry and yet always thronged by demanding crowds, never giving those who sought His help a sense that He had any more important concerns than their particular interests. What was His secret? Knowing that every man’s life is a plan of God, He realized that His life and all the conditions in which it was to be worked out were alike under the perfect control of His Father…. His Father’s plan had been drawn with such meticulous accuracy that every hour was accounted for and adjusted to the overall purpose of His life. His calendar had been arranged, and His sole concern on earth was to fulfill the work given Him to do in the allotted hours.

PS – Tomorrow one of our TDF missionaries will speaking at church, and tomorrow night I’ll be teaching from Revelation 5 at KALEO. For the first of my messages on Managing Your Time, Managing Your Life, click here.