When John Hus Lit a Candle

Here in Prague I’ve been trying to soak up the influence of John Hus. Here’s an easy (and overgeneralized) way to think of Hus and the Reformation.

  • John Wycliffe – 1300s (England)
  • John Hus – 1400s (Bohemia / Czech Republic)
  • Martin Luther – 1500s (Germany)

These three men spearheaded the rediscovery of Gospel Truth in Europe — Grace Alone! Faith Alone! Scripture Alone! — and each paved the way for the next. Today Ethan and I visited the home and church of John Hus in Prague. On the wall were pictures of these three men and this terrific quote:

Wycliffe struck the spark. Hus lit up the candle. Luther wielded the torch.

Alongside the quote was an old painting of the three men. Here are some pictures related to John Hus of Bohemia, one of the most important figures in pre-Reformation Church History.

Wycliffe Struck the Spark
Huss lit the candle
Luther Carried the Torch
The Old Lithograph at the Hus House and Church
Pulpit of John Hus
Hus could walk down the steps from his living quarters and enter the small door to his pulpit
John Hus Living Room
Hus' Church -- Bethlehem Chapel in Prague
The Hus Memorial in the Old Town Square of Prague
Hus at his trial. He was condemned for his faith and burned; but at the stake he literally lit a candle that set fire to the Reformation