Why the Bible Makes Sense

If we begin with the assumption that God exists, the Bible makes perfect sense. For…

  • If there is a God, we can assume He is intelligent.
  • If He is intelligent, we can assume He can and should communicate.
  • If He can and should communicate, we can assume He would want His words preserved in permanent form to be studied and distributed throughout our lifetime and over the generations.

And that’s why the Bible is a logical book, the recorded words of the eternal God telling His creation what He wants them to know. By its very nature the idea of there being a Bible is reasonable and sensible. Theologian Wayne Grudem suggests three great benefits to having God’s Word in written form: It makes it (1) permanent, (2) open to repeated inspection and study, and (3) accessible to many more people. It is the Book of the ages for everyone on earth.

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