100 Huntley Street

November 7, 2008 – I’ve just returned from 100 Huntley Street, and I’m as impressed as ever with the staff and impact of this unusual ministry north of the border. In 1977, Rev. David Mainse began a daily television broadcast in Canada, sharing Christ across the width of that nation. The studio was at 100 Huntley Street in Toronto, which gave the program its name. Today the show is broadcast from a beautiful complex in Burlington, a few minutes’ drive from Toronto, and hosted by Ron and Anne Mainse. It’s the flagship program for Crossroads Christian Communication, which has an excellent galaxy of ministries for reaching Canada, the northern USA, and many other parts of the world. Ron and Ann are as genuine as gold, and the staff, including special friends of mine–Gary Gerard, Michael Moon, and Rob Reed–are always refreshment to me.

If you want to see my interview, it will air next week, on the morning of November 11, and it will be posted later that day online at www.crossroads.ca. We also taped ten segments of stories behind Christmas carols, which will air in late November and throughout December.

Each month, over 30,000 people call the prayer line at Crossroads, and each caller receives Christian help and a Gospel witness by trained volunteer counselors. They have an excellent follow-up program overseen by Norm MacLaren. The folks at Crossroads really believe in prayer and evangelism, and they have a passion for spreading the Gospel via radio and television throughout the ten provinces of Canada and beyond. Their website and ministry is worth checking out.