4 thoughts on “At the Cove

  1. Just read Graham’s autobiography for class last week, my head is still spinning. Got the feeling it didn’t even capture a third of all that happened in his life.

  2. I had such a wonderful time at The Cove and Rob made it even more worthwhile with his Bible study lessons. Of course, it is hard to beat the surprise visit of Billy Graham and Bev Shae — that was a true blessing and a wonderful gift to be with them all in one place. God was there the whole time — you could feel it.
    Thanks Rob.


  3. Robert, your lessons at The Cove this past week were such a blessing. Never having been there before, we were certain that it would be a good time of fellowship and studying God’s word, but your sermons were just excellent. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry. (We shared Isaiah 7:4 with our pastor when we got back to Oklahoma. He is in his 27th year at our church, and about 5 years ago experienced those same two men of whom you were speaking trying to tear our church apart or make him so uncomfortable that he would leave. Satan is always at work so we just wanted our pastor to have that extra ammunition [support] for next time.) Thank you for sharing your love of the Lord with all of us!

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