The Beauty of Belfast and Northern Ireland


Thanks to my friends at Child Evangelism Fellowship Ireland, I’ve had a wonderful time ministering the Word, working on a book, and getting in a bit of sightseeing. Ireland is as beautiful as everyone has told me. Here are a few pictures, which include the location of the building where the Titanic was designed (the brick building), the museum dedicated to its story (the silver ship/iceberg structure) and the site where she was launched (“It wasn’t our fault. We built it, but the English sunk it”). We took it all in haloed by a timely rainbow. Nearby a Thai restaurant is capitalizing on the ship’s name and fame (the food goes down well there). I’ve also added some hiking pictures in the nearby Mourne Mountains (“The Mountains of Mourne Sweep Down to the Sea”) and the Silent Valley. There we walked across the dam at the Ben Crom Reservoir, which provides Belfast with drinking water. Thanks Philip and Denise for your hospitality, and David and Steven for your tour-guiding.

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2015-09-24 14.44.42

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