The Beauty of Belfast and Northern Ireland


Thanks to my friends at Child Evangelism Fellowship Ireland, I’ve had a wonderful time ministering the Word, working on a book, and getting in a bit of sightseeing. Ireland is as beautiful as everyone has told me. Here are a few pictures, which include the location of the building where the Titanic was designed (the brick building), the museum dedicated to its story (the silver ship/iceberg structure) and the site where she was launched (“It wasn’t our fault. We built it, but the English sunk it”). We took it all in haloed by a timely rainbow. Nearby a Thai restaurant is capitalizing on the ship’s name and fame (the food goes down well there). I’ve also added some hiking pictures in the nearby Mourne Mountains (“The Mountains of Mourne Sweep Down to the Sea”) and the Silent Valley. There we walked across the dam at the Ben Crom Reservoir, which provides Belfast with drinking water. Thanks Philip and Denise for your hospitality, and David and Steven for your tour-guiding.

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Belfast and Northern Ireland

  1. Hello Rob,

    Your trip to Ireland surely must have been relaxing and rewarding for the sightseeing you were able to do. Our daughter, her husband and their two adult ‘kids’ spent two weeks in Ireland and their photos were really very spectacular also.

    Rob, I feel like I already know you on a first name basis because I really love your set of books “Then Sings My Soul”. I have always loved to sing; I suppose because my parents started taking me as a baby to a small country church as soon as they could over 90 years ago. They loved to sing also! Since that time I have always sang in church and in choirs when I could.

    Because I know many of those old familiar hymns, especially the melodies but not all the lyrics, I would like to type only the complete set of words, the lyrics, for a hymn on a single page and make a book of lyrics of the old familiar hymns in your books of hymns and hymnal stories. I have counted nearly 200 hymns that are tear-bringing memories for my years of worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I know that I must get permission from Harper Collins Christian Publishing Company to copy your books because they represent Thomas Nelson Publishers who published your books. I called the folks at Harper Collins every day this week by missed the right person so I left word, but no one called back; next week should be easier to contact some one after Thanksgiving.

    I am a retired professional mechanical engineer who did basic research for NASA during their early rocket development years and facility design work for the Department of Energy during my later years. I have had many technical papers published in technical journals and so I am very familiar with publishing requirements.

    Then my wife became enamored by Missouri Fox Trotting Horses in the late 70’s and started showing them, winning trophies here and there. Within a few years she found that there were no books on our breed of horses, so we started interviewing old timers having foundation horses and people using Missouri Fox Trotters in fascinating activities. She put their stories together into a book “Fox Trot Trackings”, nearly 500 pages and we published it ourselves in 1986 and sold it also by ourselves..

    The book was so well received that we repeated the process but with new owners and trainers; “Fox Trot Trackings, Too”, over 500 pages in 1999. This time I was more computer-literate and had the manuscript, photographs, and tables camera ready for the printer. Now we are selling the books ourselves and through Amazon.

    Rob, I tell you all this background to show you that I have the capability to produce the proposed book. I also believe the book I would like to have published by Thomas Nelson Publishing would simulate interest in your books. In the Forward section of my proposed book, I would emphasize the fascinating stories behind the creation of each hymn that you have discovered and wrote about for each of them in your books.

    I am also writing you to see if you can help me get gratis permission to produce about 20 copies of my proposed book with my own computer and printer, binding loose leaves with comb-type binding. I would send one to you and one to Thomas Nelson Publishing for their consideration and the remainder to family members, friends, and members of our Small Church Group that my wife is facilitating at our home.

    I would be very pleased to send you the Forward section, several of the lyrics that I would use in my book to show my format for them, and the list of the old familiar hymns that I plan to use. If you would send me your E-mail address to which I can attach files, I’ll send the suggested files to you.

    Thank you for your inspiring books. Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice!!

    In His Service,

    Gene Moeller

  2. Hello Rob,

    Your trip must have been relaxing and fascinating from the sight seeing photographs. Our daughter, her husband and their two adult “kids” spent about two weeks in Ireland and brought back many beautiful and interesting photographs. Wish we could go sometime, but not to likely for me at high mileage at 90 years!

    I love your books “Then Sings My Soul”. Please send me your E-mail address so I can send comments about them.

    In His Service,


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