Glory Be to God the Father

I want to introduce you to a “new” hymn that you can sing at your church Sunday.  It’s not so new; the words by Horatius Bonar go back to 1866.   And the music is REGENT SQUARE by the London organist, Henry Smart, whose death on July 6, 1879, is commemorated on a broken tombstone in London’s Hampstead Cemetery. 

The thing is, you already know the exuberant melody.  It’s the same as the Christmas carol “Angels from the Realms of Glory.”  Now see how wonderfully Boner’s high-spirited words of Trinitarian praise fits this tune and lifts our hearts in praise.

Glory be to God the Father,
Glory be to God the Son,
Glory be to God the Spirit,
Great Jehovah, Three in One!
Glory, glory, glory, glory,
While eternal ages run!

Glory be to Him Who loved us,
Washed us from each spot and stain!
Glory be to Him Who bought us,
Made us kings with Him to reign!
Glory, glory, glory, glory,
To the Lamb that once was slain!

 “Glory, blessing, praise eternal!”
Thus the choir of angels sings;
“Honor, riches, power, dominion!”
Thus its praise creation brings;
Glory, glory, glory, glory,
Glory to the King of kings!