A Little Boy in Korea

Today’s blog is a two-fold announcement.

First, Katrina and I are eagerly awaiting our next grandchild who is due to arrive via Korea this summer. Our daughter Grace and her husband Joshua have been burdened to adopt an orphaned child for several years, and all the pieces are falling together for a little boy named Jude (18 months old), now in an orphanage outside Seoul, to join our family later this year. I can’t wait to see how he adjusts to having a real home complete with an older brother and two big sisters.

Second, our friend and associate, Stephen Fox, has written and illustrated a beautiful children’s book touching gently on the topic of orphaned children. Lela’s Tree is a happy, brightly-colored story about a little girl, her lamb, a strange tree, and a needy child. As you read the book, pay attention to the lamb, for there’s a subtle and powerful underlying message. As I said in my endorsement of Lela’s Tree, “There’s a lot of truth in the timber.”

I’m attaching a video of Stephen and Joshua talking about this project. Would you consider sharing it with others? If you’re interested in ordering Lela’s Tree, you can do so on my website here, or on the dedicated Lela’s Tree website here. All the profits from the sale of this title go toward the Rowes’ Adoption Fund.