Now’s a Good Time to Write Your ABC Station

I’ve just sent a letter to our local ABC affiliate in Nashville, and I suggest you do the same about the offensive new television program whose title I am not even going to print. You can compose your own letter, of course, but here’s mine for what it’s worth. By nature and by philosophy, I’m not a controversialist–but don’t get my dander up!


441 Murfreesboro Road

Nashville, TN 37210

ATTN:  Stan Knott, General Manager

Dear Mr. Knott,

It has come to my attention that ABC plans to air a program entitled Good Christian B——- in the near future.  I’ve read a summary of the plot, which lacks much substance worthy of labeling “entertainment,” but that isn’t the core problem.  The problem is that the title is totally offensive and unacceptable.  And it’s not just offensive to your Christian viewers.

Yana Walton from the Women’s Media Center said Christians aren’t the only ones who should be upset.  She wrote, “It is not an appropriate term to use to describe any woman, regardless of their faith.”  And while Jenn Hoffman, a LA based entertainment expert, wrote online that “this is a show by Christians, for (mostly) Christians to enjoy some prime-time self-deprecation,” as a Christian and a pastor, I can tell you that most Christians will likely not find it amusing.

Should WKRN air an episode of this program or advertise it as an upcoming program, I will feel compelled to personally tell our people to avoid all WKRN programming. I will use our media, my website, and all the social media outlets we utilize to suggest that WKRN be blocked on our remote controls. I will also encourage our business people to cease advertising on WKRN.

Many people in our church are and have been long-time viewers of WKRN, and we appreciate you and truly enjoy your on-air personalities.  But this is a bridge too far, and we cannot sit by without attempting to stop the increasing anti-Christian discrimination represented by the title and substance of this programming.


Robert J. Morgan

Senior Pastor


cc:  Matthew Zelkind, Station Manager

Michelle Dube, Program & Community Affairs Director

Mike Tarolly, Marketing Director

Sandra Osborne, Business Manager