Lessons from the National Association

  1. Joshua Riggs can lead me in worship anytime.
  2. We really do have great preachers and musicians.
  3. We care deeply about world evangelization.
  4. It’s possible to have great unity without uniformity.
  5. I’m glad I have a denominational history.
  6. It’s possible take FWB off the sign without sacrificing denominational commitment.
  7. I didn’t take a tie this year and no one noticed.
  8. The Memphis Downtown Marriott has ants, and their handicap accessible rooms aren’t.

0 thoughts on “Lessons from the National Association

  1. I thoroughly agree with you about Joshua Riggs leading worship! It was our 14th straight National and I think the music was the best ever! So many worship leaders try to preach their way into a song, but Josh only used scripture, which is so much better. I love the old hymns and songs of the faith, but I’m anxious to use some of the new ones we learned this week….and, of course, I always say Brian Floyd’s piano music makes the National for me. I noticed ants in the Marriott, too. Thought I had brought them from home.

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