So Here Was My Saturday

Several times a week, Katrina, the girls, and I send around a circular e-mail, which is a wonderful way to keep in touch.  Saturday is my “Sabbath,” so I thought I’d just “cut and paste” my Saturday night family e-mail, for what it’s worth.

We had a very good day.  I finished the October segments for my new devotional book this mornng, so tomorrow it’s on to November .  Everything is due the first of August, so I’m in a time crunch; plus my  Turning Point articles and Sunday sermons.  So I spent the morning working on that.  In the afternoon I took Corinna to Michael’s to get some frames for the wall behind my exercise equipment where I put all my plaques and stuff.  I feel like I have to get that un-trashy before the deacons come over Thursday.  Then I was just getting into some garden work when word came that the neighbor had taken a turn for the worse, so over to St. Thomas I go.  Coming home, I listen to the coverage of poor Steve McNair. Then I bake the best pizza (arguably) that I’ve ever fixed, by turning my gas grill into a brick oven and cooking the pizza flat on my pizza stone under the covered hood.  It was delicious.   The only problem was that I somehow I caused a slight explosion of gas and fire that singed the hair off my arm.  Well, anyway, now I’m getting ready for tomorrow’s sermon .  Thanks for the updates.  A good night’s sleep to one and all.  Love, Dad